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A Brief History of The Pleasure Boat Anchor

Much has changed in the technology of anchoring a boat safely in recent years. So much so that any prudent mariner, either leisure or professional, would be wise to review what they have on their vessel, gain a better understanding of what an anchor actually does, and see what characteristics are important. Anchors used to be gauged by their weight, but is that still the case? Click here to read more...

Quickline Ultra Anchor Receives Expanded ABS 'Superior Holding Power' Certification

"Quickline, a world-class importer and distributor of quality marine gear and accessory products, announced today 'Type Approval' certification of its complete Ultra Anchor product line from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). Meeting the highest level of holding power as defined by the ABS, Quickline's entire range of Ultra Anchors has been awarded the prestigious certification of design assessment." Click here to read more...

Quickline Announces New ULTRA Flip Swivel

"Now, with the engineering advancements that have been made in its design, we have achieved a new level of performance for swivels. The new Ultra Flip Swivel delivers rock sold flipping and anchor storage in all sea conditions that can't be matched by other products on the market. It is the ultimate worry-free and safe anchoring solution and an essential component for every complete, quality anchoring package." Click here to read more...

November 2010: Anchoring Made Easy

As anchoring is perhaps the single most important part of boating, any mention of anchoring or gear preferences in the company of sailors is always sure to stir up a storm of commentary from all sides – even from people who may only rarely leave the dock. So when word of Quickline's introduction of the Turkish manufactured Ultra Anchor to the US marketplace trickled into our consciousness, we just had to take a closer look. Click here to read more...

All purchasers of ULTRA Flip Swivels (UFS8) for 1/4" or 5/16" chain manufactured between June 2009 and October 2010 please read:

The manufacturer of ULTRA Flip Swivel, has issued a recall of UFS8 ULTRA Flip Swivels for ¼ or 5/16 chain, manufactured between June 2009 and October 2010, 150 units (74 sold in the USA) The ULTRA Flip Swivel being recalled is easily identified by the molded eagle in the body of the swivel. Click here to read more...

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