ULTRA Chain Grab

November 23, 2014 Randy Boelsems

ULTRA Chain Grab Documents

Useful suggestions to help you enjoy the UlTRA Chain Grab and Bridle with snubbers.

•Always maintain tension on the chain with the ULTRA Chain Grab to prevent the Ultra Chain Grab from releasing.

• Always use as large of a loop as possible to maintain the load on the ULTRA Chain Grab. Anticipate what would happen if the wind picks up and stretches the chain tight, the loop should hang down at least 4 or 5 feet in the tightest condition.

• Pick up the load on the chain to release the ULTRA Chain Grab, do not try to remove under load.

• To deploy the bridle (after you have deployed and set your anchor), attach one leg (leg A) (keep it short) to a “near bow” side cleat then pass the other leg (leg B) to your bow roller. Attach the Ultra Chain Grab to the chain. While keeping tension on leg B lo wer the anchor chain and leg B until the load is taken up on leg A, continue to lower chain until y ou have a large enough loop. Then move leg B to the other “near bow” side cleat and adjust legs A and B until you have your vessel positioned the way you want.

• Inspect line regularly for wear. Use chafe pads in storm conditions. Adjust the lines regularly to minimize wear.

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